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Working Group, author name and title of accepted POSTERS for the Triennial Conference.

Please note that the list may change and that the list is in order of Working Group, not in order of presentation.

Archaeological Materials and Sites

  • New insights into a decorated wooden staff belonging to King Tutankhamun using handheld XRF spectroscopyAbdrabou, Ahmed, Hussein. M Kamal, Medhat Abdallah, Nada Sayed
  • Hidden hands: Early conservation work on Petrie's Egyptian excavationsO'Dwyer, Olivia
  • The smell of Egyptian mummies: A new analytical approachTimbart, Noëlle, Agnès Lattuati-Derieux, Hélène Guichard, Marc Etienne, Rukshala Anton, Stéphane Moularat, Faisl Bousta, Isabelle Colson, Lise Thierion
  • The mechanical properties of ceramic coupons consolidated with cyclododecane and their relationship to porosity, application method and sublimation rateTurner-Walker, Gordon, Yun-Ching Hung
  • Excavation of a horse-and-chariot pit from the Western Zhou dynasty at the Zhouyuan site, Shaanxi provinceXiaojuan, Huang, Shao Anding, Wang Zhankui

Art Technological Source Research

no presentations


  • Learning as we go: Integrating photogrammetry into conservationHudson, Reed, Alyssa Green, Jo Dickinson, Lily Griffin, Gai Jorayev
  • Conserving the content: Sharing past ICOM-CC Triennial Conference proceedings on an open-access online platformMertens, Miguel, Alice Lopes, Guy Silva, Joan Reifsnyder
  • Documenting and translating Chinese clock conservation jargon based on the history of the Clock Conservation Studio at the Palace MuseumMingyuan, Cui, Yang Xiaochen
  • Tutankhamun's gauntlet: Past and presentRagab, Mohamed, Hasnaa Abdrabou, Hussein Kamal, Midori Yokoyama, Mohamed Ayad, Mie Ishii

Education and Training in Conservation

  • Crossing borders: Building conservation capacity through collaboration among Latin-American professionalsCastillo Narrea, Luis Enrique Jesús Alberto , Ana Carolina Delgado Vieira
  • Valuing the quality of mutual understanding for heritage professionals in a global networkChassaing, Pauline, Anaïs Gailhbaud
  • Curriculum shifts – Conservation curricula for indigenous material culture and modern mediaHill, Rosaleen, Emy Kim, Fiona Graham, Patricia Smithen, Alison Murray
  • Online resource for the dissemination of conservation science educationMurray, Alison, Aaron Shugar, Rebecca Ploeger
  • In the monastery: Combining current conservation science with respect for traditional knowledge and techniquesShaftel, Ann
  • Teaching media art conservation: An integrated approach Stigter, Sanneke, Ellen Jansen, Evelyne Snijders

Glass and Ceramics

  • Analysis and restoration of a 1st-century AD honeycomb-shaped glass cup excavated from Begram, AfghanistanDongge, Ji, Shi Ningchan, Qu Liang
  • Glass-induced calcareous corrosion: Calcium formateEggert, Gerhard, Andrea Fischer, Sebastian Bette, Nina Frankenhauser
  • Applications for reflectance transformation imaging in documenting worked glass surfacesLastrapes, Gregory, Jessica Walthew, Sarah Barack
  • A method for obtaining Raman spectra of silicate materials in lead-barium glass from ChinaMo, Li, Ma Qinglin, Wang Jie, Wang Julin

Graphic Documents

  • Performing parts: Managing a complex installation artworkBunn, Sarah, Carolyn Murphy, Jesmond Calleja
  • Inpainting: Paper conservation traditions in the East and WestDzik-Kruszelnicka, Dorota, Lyu Xiaofang
  • Teaching machines to think like conservators – Machine learning as a tool for predicting the stability of paper-based archive and library collectionsKejser, Ulla Bøgvad, Birgit Vinther Hansen, Christian Boesgaard, Morten Ryhl-Svendsen, Søren Højlund Mollerup
  • Degradation behavior of Japanese painting paper in naturally aged hanging scrollsLee, Kang, Masamitsu Inaba, Toshiharu Enomae
  • Evaluation of various non-aqueous deacidification treatmentsMalešič, Jasna, Irena Kralj Cigic, Tina Skalar
  • Research on the origin of ancient rag-paper manufacture in Eurasia via microscopic analysisSakamoto, Shouji, Léon-Bavi Vilmont
  • Conservation of paper documents from a local musician Silva, Amanda

Leather and Related Materials

no presentations

Legal Issues in Conservation

no presentations


  • Investigation into corrosion and microstructure of brass artifacts from the cemetery of the Khirbet Yajuz archaeological site, JordanAbu Baker, Ahmad, Lutfi A. Khalil
  • Conservation of large-scale historic military heritage using waterjettingChemello, Claudia, Paul Mardikian
  • Manufacturing technology of a bronze phoenix from the Song dynasty in the Palace Museum collectionDazhao, Jin, Liu Hanwen, Wang Youliang
  • Diagnostic techniques used on gilded bronze figures of the god OsirisElmarazky, Abdelaziz, Hussein Kamal, Ahmed Abdrabou
  • Scientific research on ‘jianjin’ techniques used in cultural artifacts from the Palace MuseumFei, Gao, Jianyu Liu
  • Optimization of biologically based treatments of iron objects James, Sarah, Edith Joseph
  • Deconstructing the past to preserve the present: Restoration of Elamite silver breast coversTimbart, Noëlle, Elsa Lambert, François Bridey, Nathalie Balcar, Anne Maigret, Christine Pariselle
  • Ethical protocols for the preservation of large-scale enamels on metal in architectureViegas Wesolowska, Catia

Modern Materials and Contemporary Art

  • An exciting new step in the field of AI art conservationBetancor, Julia, Alvar García del Río, Dann Finn
  • Physicochemical characterization of cellulose triacetate-based motion-picture films and a potential approach to avoid vinegar syndromeCarretti, Emiliano, Pierandrea Lo Nostro, Richard G. Weiss, Alessandra Cincinelli, Giovanna Poggi, Luigi Dei
  • The Richter Collection: conservation and preservation planning of the home of multiple artsPavic, Mirta, Vesna Mestric
  • Media art on permanent display: Re-exhibiting the first Estonian media-art installationPedajas, Kaisa-Piia, Annika Räim, Helen Volber
  • Das Strausberger Relief: Conservation strategies for a plastic compositeWentland, Eva

Murals, Stone, and Rock Art

  • Investigation of gilding techniques on the wall paintings in Kazil Cave 171 Chenlu, Li, Chen Xuelian, Shen Ling, Wang Na, Yang Jie, Zhang Hui, Zhou Zhibo
  • Microbial composition and environmental damage on wall paintings at the Maijishan Grottoes, ChinaFasi, Wu, He Dongpeng, Wang Wanfu, Zhao Linyi, Hu Junjian
  • Conservation of the Ini-Snefer Ishtef wall paintings from the Old Kingdom: A joint project of Japan and Egypt Taniguchi, Yoko, Akemi Narita, Akiko Nishisaka, Basem Gehad, Mostafa Shehata, Hussein Kamal, Kumi Masuda, Michiko Koga, Sayed Mansour
  • Monitoring and control of bird damage in the Bingling temple grottoes, Gansu provinceWanfu, Wang, Wu Fasi, He Dongpeng, Yang Xiaoju, Chen Zhang
  • Natural reinforcement of excavated ancient jade using compatible consolidation materialsXi, Huang, Dongbo Hu
  • Transportation measures for a giant turtle-shaped sarcophagusYulita, Ita, Gunawan, Ni Luh Putu Chandra Dewi

Natural History Collections

  • Consolidation of ancient bones using diammonium hydrogen phosphate and Ca (OH)2 nanoparticles: Evaluation of performanceCarretti, Emiliano, Francesca Porpora, David Caramelli, Martina Lari, Stefania Vai
  • Herbarium specimens: Which mounting methods should be considered and whyYesilyurt, Jovita , Mark Carine, Felipe Dominguez Santana

Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures

  • Application of gamma irradiation to conservation: Effects of ionizing radiation on the color of featherworkDelgado Vieira, Ana Carolina , Larissa Otubo, Pablo Antonio Vasquez Salvador, Paulo de Souza Santos, Rafael Henrique Lazzari Garcia, Yasko Kodama
  • The Glöcklerkappe project : Taking an object to the streets as a mediator between the museum, the public, and the source communityGarcia Gomez, Isabel
  • Honoring the sacred: Ethical conservation practice concerning the treatment of Buddhist sacred objectsMastandrea, William
  • An integrated approach to the conservation of a Minangkabau headdressMatin Pour, Nahid, Geraldine Sim, Naomi Wang, Lynn Chua
  • A holistic approach to the conservation of two totem poles from AlaskaMonot, Lucie
  • The ethnographic collection as rhizome: New ramifications for conservationVasconcelos, Mara, Celina Rosa


  • Extraction of hyperspectral information and virtual restoration of 'Immortal Origin of Jade Purity — The Queen Mother of the West'Chen, Qi, Hou Miaole, Yao Han
  • Protection and treatment of ancestor portraits from the Guangdong region dating from the Qing dynastyLikun, Zhou
  • Unraveling complex cross-sections using FTIR imaging and TOF-SIMS analysis Marques, Raquel, Alain Brunelle, Caroline Bouvier, Isabel Pombo Cardoso, Laurence De Viguerie, Leslie Carlyle, Marine Cotte
  • The role of alum gelatin solution in ancient Chinese calligraphy and paintings Sheng-li, Fan, He Qiu-ju
  • Beyond East and West: Technical study of Cheong Soo Pieng paintingsTay, Diana
  • Restoration of Ceiling and Wall Paintings in Asahi-no-ma (Room of Rising Sun) of the State Guest House Akasaka PalaceWATANABE, Ikuo, Chieko TANAKA, Hidemi TORIUMI, Satoshi KIRIU

Photographic Materials

  • Preservation and identification of glass-plate negatives at the Henan Provincial MuseumAihong, Niu
  • Disaster recovery of photographic collectionsHerrera Garrido, Rosina

Preventive Conservation

  • Evaluation of cleaning methods for museum artefacts with fungal infestations: Focus on occupational healthBastholm, Camilla Jul, Jane Richter
  • Conservation of the vintage car collection at the Museum of Transport and Antiquities, ZimbabweChiwara, Davison, Njabulo Chipangura
  • Effects on dyed silk of LED lamps used as a museum lighting sourceFangyuan, Xu, Wu Laiming , Shi Chaoou
  • Interdisciplinary and low-cost solutions to minimize the impact of fire on the cultural heritage at Brazil's Chamber of DeputiesFarias, Juçara, Gabriela Sousa, Aline Ferreira, Vivian Lima
  • Acetic acid emissions from traditional Japanese kiri-bako wooden boxes and their influence on leadKotajima, Tomoko, Masahide Inuzuka
  • Dynamic setpoint control for up to 63% energy savings in climate control in museumsNeuhaus, Edgar, Rick Kramer
  • Preservation of mixed-media objects: An online decision-support toolOtten, Elke, Marjolijn Debulpaep, Willemien Anaf, José Luiz Pedersoli Jr.
  • A weighing methodology for moving cultural collections at the Instituto Moreira Salles Röpke Ferrando, Ellen Marianne, Gabriel Bevilacqua
  • Towards a reasonable and sustainable storage environment: Development of temperature/RH database and analysis of dataSonoda, Naoko, Kaoru Suemori, Sachi Hashimoto, Shingo Hidaka, Tomomi Wadaka, Yukako Kawamura
  • The world after RE-ORG—Implementation of methodology across Southeast EuropeŠubic Prislan, Jana, Veljko Džikic

Scientific Research

  • Neutron radiography studies of the dynamics of moisture sorption in painting canvases reinforced with novel nanocellulose-based treatmentsBridarolli, Alexandra, John Duncan, Laurent Bozec, Marianne Odlyha, Genoveva Burca
  • Application of pyrolysis-comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography to the study of paper-based artifactsHan, Bin, Jérôme Vial, Michel Sablier, Masamitsu Inaba
  • Application of cell lytic enzymes to remove biofilm from the surface of East Asian paintingsHayakawa, Noriko, Shinoko Oba, Yoshinori Sato, Tomoko Ogasawara
  • Lacquerware techniques from the tomb of the Marquis of Haihun, ninth emperor of the Western Han dynastyHe, Ling, Herant Khanjian, Jing Han, Liang Junyan, Arlen Heginbotham, Michael Schilling
  • Zooarchaeological research at sacrificial pits in Shaanxi province dating from the Qin and Han dynasties Jing, Yuan, Tang Zihua, Wen Shaoqing, Chen Xianglong
  • Novel nanoformulations for improved preservation of parchment documentsOdlyha , Marianne, Angelica Bartoletti , Alexandra Bridarolli, Laurent Bozec, Lucia N. Melita
  • Application of Raman spectroscopy to the quantitative analysis of ancient polychromy pigmentsQianli, Fu, Xia Yin
  • The 'Codex Eyckensis': Study of an 8th-century illuminated manuscript by combined use of macro x-ray fluorescence and multispectral microdome imagingWatteeuw, Lieve, Bruno Vandermeulen, Marina Van Bos, Hendrik Hameeuw
  • Comparative study of black-glazed tea bowls and white-rim black porcelain of JizhouWeidong, Li, Lu Xiaoke, Xu Changsong, Zhang Wenjiang
  • Screening of pathogens and reconstruction of phylogenetic history from ancient remainsYinqiu, Cui, Wang Fuzhou, Wu Sihao, Wu Xiyan
  • Tracing the biological origins of the animal bone used in Chinese palace lanterns using mitochondrial rRNA analysisZhao, Li, Han Luo

Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decoration

  • Conservation of a Renaissance limestone altarpieceBidarra, Ana , Pedro Antunes
  • Materials and techniques of a polychrome sculpture at the Stavanger Museum: From visual examination to microscopic and physicochemical characterizationsGebremariam, Kidane Fanta, Hilde Moore
  • Application of micro-methodology to the consolidation of polychromyShang, Bian, Xia Yin
  • History, restoration, and recreation of decorative marble panelsShchedrova, Olga, Christina Vitalievna Shumilova
  • Analysis of writing fragments from the Qing dynasty uncovered on door partitions in Yanxi Hall (the Forbidden City)Yu, Li, Yang Zehua


  • Technical analysis and conservation of Tutankhamun's headcloth (khat)Ayad, Mohamed, Midori Yokoyama, Mie Ishii, Mina Shibata, Mohamed Ragab, Hussein Kamal, Mohamed Yosri
  • Conservation of Lenten painted textiles from Diamantina (Brazil) and its surroundings: Balancing use with preservationCordeiro, Amanda , Alessandra Rosado, Rayssa da Costa, Luiz Souza, Maria Claudia Magnani
  • Morphology and investigation of damage to wool fibers in textiles from the Small River cemeteryHaiLing, Zheng, Long Bo, Idelisi Abuduresule, Li Jing, Li Wenying, Wu Ziying, Yang Rulin, Yang Zhou
  • Treatment and display solutions for an album of medieval Chinese textiles imported to JapanHashimoto, Shiho, Ayumi Harada, Satoshi Shiga, Iwataro Oka
  • Integrated approaches to the conservation of clothing: The case of Maria Augusta Rui Barbosa's kimonosLúcio de Sousa, Gabriela, Anna Gabriela Faria, Manon Salles, Maria Luísa Soares, Márcia Ferreira
  • Enzymatic conservation treatment of a printed woolen dress (1850–1860) from the collection in the Fashion Museum AntwerpOrtega, Natalia
  • Treatment of textile costumes from a Neapolitan Nativity sceneReis Vieira, Ricardo

Theory, History, and Ethics of Conservation

  • Professional identity of the contemporary-art conservator - An empirical approach to the institutional context in PortugalMacedo, Rita, Rute Rebocho, Helia Marçal
  • Destroyed but not lost: The legal framework for reconstruction after an earthquakeQuinto Cortes, Mitzy
  • Display of rejected double-sided paintings from the 20th century - Developments in museum and conservation historyRuneberg, Ulrik
  • 'Interviews in Conservation Research' in a circular information system Stigter, Sanneke, Bernice Crijns, Esther van Duijn

Wet Organic Archaeological Materials

  • Scientific analysis and emergency protection of a Ming dynasty golden lacquer coffin excavated in Wuli Tuo, Shijingshan, Beijing He, Qiu-ju , Xuan XU, Xue-ge ZHANG, Jian LI
  • Bio-based treatment for the extraction of Fe/S species from waterlogged archaeological woodsMonachon, Mathilde, Edith Joseph, Emilie Cornet, Janet Schramm, Magdalena Albelda-Berenguer, Tiziana Lombardo, Katharina Schmidt-Ott, Friederike Moll-Dau
  • Mapping the State of the Art. The use of structured interview surveys in conservation research - the Trondheim Archaeological Leather Project (TALP)Peacock, Elizabeth E, Ellen L. Wijgård Randerz, Thora Gerner Nyborg

Wood, Furniture, and Lacquer

  • Characterization of coating materials on the rim and wheel spokes of a Chinese chariot excavated from the Orgoyton burial ground (Transbaikalia)Kalinina, Kamilla, Nikita Mikhailov, Alexandra Plotnikova, Marina Michri, Nikolay Nikolaev
  • Examination of lacquer layers on a 16th-century missal standKoehler, Birte, Clement Onn, Lynn Chua
  • Characteristics of lacquer coating films extracted from Gluta usitata before and after UV irradiation Kurashima, Reo, Noriko Hayakawa
  • The lacquerwork of Jean Dunand: Study and treatment of an Art Deco ensemble Le Hô, Anne-Solenn, Agnès Lattuati-Derieux, Alice Mohen, Caroline Thiphavong Khamheuang, Elsa Lambert, Evelyne Possémé, Sarah Ligner
  • Research and treatment on an incised long lacquer table decorated with gold dust and a Kui dragon pattern Luyi, Wang, Min Junrong, Zhang Tong
  • Structural analysis of deterioration in King Tutankhamun’s funerary chariots and couches using wood science and X-ray radiographyOKADA, YASUSHI, Motonari Ohyama, Yasuji Kurimoto, Gilan Sultan, Nozomu Kawai, Tomohide Matsushima, Ahmed Tarek Abd El-Aziz, Hanan Mostafa Abd El-Aziz, Mohamed Moustafa Mohamed, Ahmed Abdrabou, Hussein Kamal
  • Evaluation of cleaning solvents for Asian lacquersSaverwyns, Steven, Delphine Mesmaeker, Frederic Lynen, Jonas Veenhoven, Maarten van Bommel, Nathalie Vandeperre, Henk van Keulen
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